Flow and Transport in Porous Media

A research group at the Department of Soil, Water and the Environment of MIGAL - Galilee Research Institute


Fluid flow and solute transport in porous media are vital processes controlling the fate of nutrients and contaminants in soils and aquifers, microbial activity in the soil, and CO2 sequestration efficiency and safety, among other phenomena.
Our main interest is understanding the role of porous medium heterogeneity and unsaturated flow conditions in environmental solute transport phenomena.
We combine novel visualization methods and advanced numerical modeling to understand the impact of structural heterogeneity on solute concentration dynamics in porous media.
We aim to link these dynamics to nutrient and contaminant fate and microbial activity in soils, the vadose zone, and aquifers.


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A new research group at MIGAL - Galilee Research Institute


Oshri has officially joined MIGAL - Galilee Research Institute as a principal researcher! He will head a new research group focusing on fluid flow and solute transport in porous media.

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